Online Bitmap Tools

World's simplest bitmap utilities

Online bitmap tools is a collection of useful browser-based bitmap (BMP) image utilities. All bitmap tools are simple, free and easy to use. There are no ads, popups or other garbage, just bitmap utilities that work right in your browser. And all utilities work exactly the same way — load a bitmap, get the result. Created by team Browserling.
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All bitmap tools
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Quickly convert a BMP file to the base-64 encoding.
Quickly convert base-64 encoding to a BMP file.
Quickly convert an opaque bitmap to a transparent bitmap.
Quickly create a bitmap file from random colorful pixels.
Quickly change the width/height of a bitmap.
Quickly animate a bitmap sprite sheet.
Coming soon These bitmap tools are on the way
Edit and Draw Bitmaps
Create and edit bitmaps in your browser.
Compress a Bitmap
Make a bitmap smaller in size.
Change Bitmap Colors
Substitute one color for another in a bitmap.
Change Bitmap Depth
Change the number of bits per pixel of a bitmap.
Blur a Bitmap
Blur areas of a bitmap.
Sharpen a Bitmap
Sharpen any bitmap area.
Pixelate a Bitmap
Increase pixel size in any bitmap area.
Convert a Bitmap to Grayscale
Leave only grayscale tones in a bitmap.
Make Bitmap Black and White
Reduce all bitmap colors to just black and white.
Merge Bitmaps
Join two or more bitmaps together.
Duplicate a Bitmap
Make copies of bitmaps and paste them together.
Rotate a Bitmap
Rotate a bitmap by any angle.
Crop a Bitmap
Select a region from a bitmap.
Skew a Bitmap
Skew a bitmap by an arbitrary angle.
Shift a Bitmap
Shift a bitmap to the left or right.
Add a Border to a Bitmap
Add a border around or inside of a bitmap.
Flip a Bitmap Vertically
Turn a bitmap upside-down.
Flip a Bitmap Horizontally
Make a mirror copy of a bitmap.
Extract Bitmap Color Palette
Find all colors in a bitmap and extract them.
Convert Bitmap to Webp
Convert a BMP to a Webp.
Convert Webp to Bitmap
Convert a Webp to a BMP.
Convert Bitmap to PNG
Convert a BMP to a PNG.
Convert PNG to Bitmap
Convert a PNG to a BMP
Convert Bitmap to JPEG
Convert a BMP to a JPG.
Convert JEPG to Bitmap
Convert a JPG to a BMP.
Convert Bitmap to BPG
Convert a BMP to a BPG.
Convert BPG to Bitmap
Convert a BPG to a BMP.
Convert GIF to Bitmap
Save GIF frames as BMP images.
Convert BMP to GIF
Convert a bitmap to a single-frame GIF.
Convert Bitmap to Data URI
Create a Data URL scheme of a bitmap.
Convert Data URI to Bitmap
Convert a Data URL scheme back to a bitmap image.
BitBlt Bitmaps
Bit Blit two or more BMPs.
Destroy a BMP
Destroy parts of a bitmap and make it glitchy.